Hoshi Koi
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We have a vast selection of Aquatic Plants.
 We carry many bog plants; we have dwarf bamboos, grasses, creepers, cannas, lettuce, hyacinths, lotus, lilies, and much more.
We carry aquatic fertilizers that keep your aquatic plants green and healthy. They are specially formulated for blooming aquatic plants, with a 10-26-10 ratio of nutrients. Tablets are safe for pond fish.
Aquatic soil provides the following benefits: Will not float or cloud pond water when plants are moved, fertilized, or disturbed by fish. Will not clog filters or pumps, & securely anchors the plants in the pot. We carry pond plant pots too.
Having a pond creates the perfect environment for mosquitoes. Mosquito dunks kill mosquito larvae before they can mature into biting adults. Each dunk treats up to 100 sq. ft and lasts 30 days.
Stream spray bottle keeps aphids and most garden insects from inhabiting most aquatic and terrestrial plants. 100% safe and environmentally sound. When applied, becomes odorless. Lasts up to 7 days.
We stock a wide variety of lilies in many colors